Gloss is an optical phenomenon caused when evaluating the appearance of a surface. The evaluation of gloss describes the capability of a surface to reflect directed light. A gloss meter measures the specular reflection. The intensity of the reflected light is dependent on the material and the angle of the illumination. In order to obtain a clear differentiation over the complete measurement range from high gloss to matte, 3 geometries (ranges) are used... read more (opens in new browser tab).


PORTABLE GLOSSMETER 60-DEGREE A Glossmeter measures the reflection of light off a surface and assigns a value called ”Gloss Units” (GU). This instrument is suitable for most applications. Not suitable for metal or paper.



PORTABLE GLOSSMETER, the MG-268-FC2 Glossmeter is a 3 angle 20, 60, 80 degree instrument, aside from this, the MG-268 is substancially the same as the MG-6-F1C above.