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  • How do I use the three illuminate light booth?

    The three light booth is used for color matching under three different lighting conditions.

    The conditions are Office lights (A), Home lights (F) and the Noon Day Sun (D65).

    1. Use one light at a time

    2. Place the standard and your sample to be judged adjacent to each other and in contact with each other flat on the bottom of the booth.

    3. Turn one light "ON".

    4. View the two samples at a 45 degree angle.

    5. Turn one light "ON" at a time and view the match under each light one at a time.

    Helpful Hints:

    Do not stare at the product for more than 12 seconds when judging color. The cones in the eye begin to saturate after 12 second.

    Wear a neutral colored shirt such as white, gray of black so as to prevent light being reflected off the shirt to impact on the color judgment.

    If you are evaluating a yellow product, place a black thread between the samples to aid judgment.


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